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Don’t Forget to Hire Our Lawn Care Services if You Need It in Kaysville, UT!

Do not forget to take care of your lawn at all times because you don’t want to live in an ugly, unmaintained property. Fortunately, you have MJ Maintenance & Landscaping to hire if you need excellent lawn care services. You can definitely hire us if your property is located in Kaysville, UT because we are near the area. It’s also where most of our clients are situated, so expect us to arrive at a moment’s notice. It would be best to learn the different types of services we can offer you.

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Our Services

Lawn Care

Lawn Care

Taking care of your lawn is never an easy job, especially if you have a large lawn area to cover. That is why you should simply hire us to get the job done because we have a team of lawn experts that can work multiple tasks and ensure we maintain your lawn as quickly and effectively as possible.
Fertilizer Services

Fertilizer Services

No need to get up from your chair to fertilize your lawn because we can do the fertilization process for you! We have provided our fertilizer services to many clients throughout our years of working in the lawn industry, so you should expect us to fertilize any type of lawn with ease.
Sprinkler Services

Sprinkler Services

Keeping your sprinklers in working condition is an important task to do because your grass will need ample water every day. Leaving it exposed to the heat without any water can cause it to whither and die. You do not want that happening, so the best choice you have is to hire us to take care of your sprinkler system.
Aerating Lawn Services

Aerating Lawn Services

Lawn aeration is one of the toughest jobs to do when taking care of your lawn. That's why you have to hire lawn experts that can do the lawn aeration process without a problem. Our team has the capability to do the process as quickly as possible and ensure nothing goes wrong with it.
Weed Control Services

Weed Control Services

Lastly, you can give us a call if you need professional weed control services. There are better ways to remove weed besides pulling them out one by one on your own, and that is why we have our weed control services for you to hire if you notice a ton of weed growing on your lawn.
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Customers Speak
by Augustus F. on MJ Maintenance & Landscaping
I Found a Reliable Company to Get Rid of the Weed in My Property!

I was very impressed with the lawn weed control service I got from this company! I had been dealing with the weeds on my lawn for a long time, and I was getting really frustrated, but I didn't know what to do. I had tried everything, and I was at my wit's end, but I was glad I found out about this company. Will definitely hire them back again!

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We are professional lawn service providers that have the expertise and experience to provide excellent lawn caring services. We are trained to identify different grass types and the best way to take care of them. We also have the necessary knowledge to diagnose and treat lawn diseases, pests, and weed infestations. With our expertise, we can provide your lawn with the right nutrients, water, and maintenance for optimal growth.

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Hiring affordable lawn care providers is a wise investment for any homeowner who wants to maintain a beautiful and healthy lawn. We have the expertise, experience, and equipment needed to provide efficient and effective lawn caring services. With our quality lawn service, you can save time, money, and energy while enjoying a lush and healthy lawn.

Additional Areas of Operation

We provide our lawn services for clients situated in the following areas:

  • Fruit Heights, UT
  • Centerville, UT
  • South Ogden, UT
  • Woods Cross, UT
  • West Point, UT

You can definitely give MJ Maintenance & Landscaping a call if you are looking for a specific type of job like a lawn weed control service. We mostly do lawn work for clients in Kaysville, UT. If you wish to hire us, call us at (435) 220-7105.